Care Packages

Support for patients and carers

Palliative Care Support

The palliative care experience can be hugely emotional, unpredictable and cause physical and mental stress for individuals and their support networks. .

Hospice Foundation Geelong therefore proudly provides funding to organisations and services to deliver respite care, which can include delivering additional home and in-patient hospice services.

Hospice Foundation Geelong also provides funding to organisations to provide care packages to individuals receiving palliative care. These packages aim to address complex nursing and personal needs of palliative care patients, families and carers, with the focus on them being able to receive care in the home or home-like setting. 

Various organisations around the Greater Geelong area have received this funding and have been able to provide high-quality end of life care. 

Since 2014, Hospice Foundation Geelong and Multicultural Aged Care Services (MACS) have worked together to run the MACS Palliative Care Program.

This program involves having trained personal care workers providing palliative care in the home. This program focuses on supporting people to live life as fully as possible and allowing individuals to choose to receive end-of-life care on their terms and surrounded by their family and friends.

The Compassionate Hearts on the Bellarine (CHOG) is a compassion community group that was made possible by the Hospice  Foundation Geelong’s Norman, Ann and Graeme Atkins Charitable Trust. The group has provided solace to people who have a life-limiting illness and their carers in their homes. The initiative also aims to provide ongoing education in the community around illness, dying and loss.